Post Campaign Fiascos

I am reminded of the not so long ago fiasco involving a presidential candidate who, after the elections, naturally folded his headquarters. His people started disposing the office furniture and equipment but failed to sanitize the cell phones and computer memory. As a result, the buyers who checked their newly bought 2nd hand equipment were treated to a number of confidential communications. It seems that some sensitive text messages were left in the phones and the new owners had fun reading it. I wonder what else they found in there.


Convicted US Marine Face Possible Release

In the Philippines today, a US military personnel Lance Corporal Daniel Smith was a few years ago, convicted of raping a Filipina. After serving a few hundred days in a specially built detention facility, he is facing the possibility of release. That should be good for men clad in safety equipment. In the US embassy compound where Corporal Daniel Smith is being detained, a construction activity is ongoing in order to expand one of the largest US government diplomatic operations outside of the mainland.

Daniel Smith's accuser is reported to have executed a sworn statement virtually clearing the GI of the charges that she, not so long ago, filed against him.


Brokering Peace Agreements

Brokering a successful peace agreement between long time enemies is similar to maintaining a plant nursery. One has to nurture many plant types and make sure that they grow the right way. Weeds are routinely uprooted and all plants are monitored to make sure that they grow in the proper direction with none of them ever posing as a hindrance to another. That is how delicate the process is.



In this time filled with uncertainties, people are always worried about the negative things that may befall them. Jobs are being deleted from companies' databases by the tens of thousands and a lot of families are getting sad and more worried as the days go by.

This CEO however, has something that others with his credentials have-- A good heart!

He went down to ground zero and recognized the importance of rank and file and inspired everybody else to think of something to make sure that the company will have enough to pay everybody.

Here's the story.