Everybody Loves Luxury Watches

And all of them seems to want to be seen wearing one.

The quality of replica watches are so good that it takes an expert or at least a connoisseur to pinpoint one. In the Philippines a few decades ago, there were rumors of a government mafia called the Rolex Gang. The name comes from the members’ preference for the luxury brand. In published pieces that came years after, it was alleged that the watches are actually gifts by the gangs leader and those are nothing but imitation pieces.



In this video, Pres Barrack Obama pays tribute to my dear Abe.


Grand Cheapo!

Watching a DVD in my home theatre is way better than getting a freebie from that...

Let me go a few days back.

I received a note from an entrepreneur who has just finished building a luxurious movie house with the finest amenities. The movie house supposedly doubles as a spa wherein one can get foot spas and the works while watching a movie.

How cheap can that theater be? Let me count the ways. The guy wanted bloggers to write about his business and in return, get a chance to watch a movie for free. They are supposed to pick two “lucky” blog posts and give them a ticket or two each. Pro blogging can be cheap or very worthwhile monetarily speaking but that is very low.


What makes me feel good at work

Reese Witherspoon’s chosen comfort treatment is a manicure. For that girl in that TV series, it is clean underwear. As an office boy who walk a lot in the office, I like comfortable shoes with matching Smartwool socks. Walking in comfortable shoes and socks makes me feel good and confident whereas lousy pairs gives me aches at the end of the day.


Yes, this rare form of virus that hits pigs and humans (mostly farm hands) is back.

A number of cases was detected in the country and it is likely that this will not be the end of it.


For those with Class!

If a guy’s got class, he will give away Cartier watches to the bloggers who write excellent posts about their classy businesses. Prices to blog contests that are being given away by entrepreneurial souls differs based on the kind of business they have. Home businesses therefore are expected to give away simple prices but the classy upscale ones should give away something proportional to their size.

And if you happen to be running something that caters to the affluent, one should not be so stingy in advertising expenditures.

Front Seat View of Man's Evolution

Perched on top of my luxurious home theatre seating system, I can’t help but reflect a bit on what transpired during the past week and plan the coming six (6) working days. In my country now, the effects of the global recession have started to hit the papers. Thousands of workers are being retrenched en mass as exporting companies close shop on the account of weak demand from the United States. The best employees in that bunch will probably be absorbed by others the average and the mediocre will take a hit. Call it Darwin’s evolution in action. It’s good when discussed inside classrooms and read in textbooks but to be around when it is actually happening sucks!