His throwing Saddam out of Iraq was fine. His handling of the country, afterward, made the country a worse place for the Iraqi's. Now, they are about to pullout and my guess is, it will become Iran's playground.

Bye, Bush! Don't ever come back.


Business Insurance

A freak accident at a monster truck show brings to mind every entrepreneurs need for business insurance. Should an employee experience an unfortunate accident or any property suffers any damage, a good insurance company will be able to cushion the financial repercussions.

One thing that I am not sure though. The unfortunate incidents that damaged China’s milk industry resulted to thousands of hospitalizations and some deaths. And based on the narratives that got into the press, there is strong doubt if any insurance company will shoulder financial remunerations to the victims.


A Mulberry Tree Dotted White House Lawn?

Do you think Obama loves Mulberry trees? Well, at least one blogger has related him to it. His call on McCain right before his oath taking is somewhat reminiscent of the days when Ben Franklin when he brought combative figures under beneath his mulberry tree and had them settle their differences there. With so much of the world covered by the cloak of darkness, the white house should have a few mulberry trees planted in its yard so that feuding world leaders can be accommodated at the same time and today’s troubles can be settled.


Some Economic Indicators

Until a few years ago, Hummers were considered very expensive items that it wasn’t available in car rental companies. Besides, online car insurance quotes for the said vehicle shows its value as a priced automobile. This year however, lots of Hummers can be found in rental listings. To me, it speaks of the economy’s inability to absorb the industry’s production. The economy is probably in dire straits or simply a victim of bad speculation. But whatever it is, I hope the people are not suffering as much as the indicators tell us.

Watches of Powerful Men

The website of Festina watches reminds me of the immediate past Russian President Vladimir Putin who was widely cited to have worn a Patek Philippe despite his modest salary. In contrast, the oil billionaire George W. Bush, who also receives a $400,000 salary as the president of the United States, wears a $50 Timex watch. Of course, Putin is one of the world’s most powerful men and people everywhere are not surprised with his expensive watch. He can easily obtain such gadgets and more while remaining true to his post as leader of his people.