Personal Finance Tip: Home Based Business

Now that the global financial crisis is about to hit all of us on full swing, one should seriously consider additional and new ways of making good money. Home based business opportunities abound and it is only a matter of how to take advantage of it for people to become comfortable even during times of diversity. Vendo machines for instance, offer great opportunities for people to make good money at minima supervision. All that one need is a good system of tracking inventories, as well as a good location. After that, decent money will flow.


Bush in Iraq

This will be one of his last physical fitness activities at the expense of the US government. Beyond Obama’s inauguration, he will have to buy fat burner pills. Less than an hour ago, CNN reported that Pres. Bush, in one of his last acts as president of the United States, arrived in Iraq in an unscheduled trip. He is expected to thank the troops who is serving upon his direct orders and rally them behind Pres Obama. Let’s hope that whatever will happen in the future, will be good for Iraq. They were oppressed but peaceful during Saddam’s rule. Now, they have none of that.


Anti Piracy Devices

We’ve previously heard of pirates who were repulsed when an ocean vessel’s crew sounded a device that blows a deafening sound. At night, there is also some kind of a lighting mechanism that can temporarily blind people. All that a ship needs to do is surround itself with it and as soon as they notice some people trying to clamber aboard, all they have to do is blow the sound and switch on the blinding light.

Pirates Diet

In addition to the diet remedies for the Somalian Pirates, why not dump 200 grams of Phentermine into their food, as well. Seafarers who are under guard be these ocean menace can expertly do it and let’s see what will happen to these economic saboteurs! These pirates once caused a spike in oil prices when they captured a giant oil tanker and that will not be the last time. All governments must unite to free the seas from the menace of free trade before it becomes too late.