A Classy Wedding

The daughter of the Philippine president recently got married in a private ceremony that the public had no prior knowledge. I thought that engagement rings are supposed to become dead giveaways but apparently, she was so good in hiding it. Never was such an event of a high profile personality kept so secret without much effort. The lady after all, was so simple in her lifestyle that nobody really paid her so much attention. This perhaps, is one personality worth emulating for the next occupants of presidential residences, all over the world.

Appetite Suppresants and Mood Enhancers To Solve The Somalian Piracy Problem

The Somalian pirates attacking merchant vessels off the coast of Somalia should be prescribed some Ephedrasil hardcore. Available literature says those pills are good appetite suppressant and mood enhancing supplements and that should be good for those people. The supplements will hopefully take away the pirates’ appetite for more food than they can chew and their dark moods should somehow lighten. I suggest that ship crews lace the pirates’ food with the supplements and hopefully, they’d be set free. .. Haha!


Don't Pull Out of Iraq- yet!

The removal of Saddam, in my opinion, was a just cause. The liberation of the people from the tyranny of the elite few was long overdue and the helping hand provided by the US, was generally good. However, the country which is greatly lacking in leadership experience and national unity but high on religious barriers is not ready to self govern even at this point.

The sudden departure of US troops will leave the country to the oppression of the fanatical few that is still relishing their newly found strength provided by the barrel of the gun. Leaving the country now is worse than having Saddam's family rule it. It will not only be an insult to the sacrifice of the troops who died in Iraq but mostaly, it will be US's worst contribution to world peace and stability.

Please reconsider.

Online Classifieds Work!

At this point, I am going to cut down our newspaper expenses by posting our opening for jobs in marketing in online classified ads. More people should realize that online advertisements reach wider audiences compared to printed ones simply because, online ads run for longer periods. People has also developed a habit of hitting the search engines every time they look for something and a well indexed online classifieds system gets wide exposure.


This looks so gay.

In the spirit of adult fun during this election season, we are featuring a site that posted about the election related titles of some adult movies. Here it is.

For some balance, here is a heterosexual type of adult movie spoofing the election. Click here.