Bond and Tuxedos

The upcoming James Bond film will surely lead to a surge in demand for fine tuxedos. Daniel Craig did a splendid job in the film and the Bond character remains largely intact though more crude and somewhat brutal than the kind portrayed by Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Through the years, all other Bonds were quite similar to the original except for Pierce Brosnan which started the character migration to the somewhat unrefined and more exciting 007.


Respecting the Captured States

U.S. troops or contractors who commit "major and premeditated murders" in Iraq while off-duty and outside U.S. facilities will fall under the jurisdiction of the government Iraq. - Draft Agreement signed between the governments of the United States and Iraq

To the victor goes the spoils of war. However, it doesn't mean that the spoils can be handled in any manner that may suit the victors fantasy. In regard to this thing, human life should be treated with utmost dignity in order for reconstruction of destroyed states proceed with haste. Victors should make ethical treatment of all living things a paramount concern in order for them to rightfully expect the same kind of treatment for comrades that are captured by the enemies.

Warfare should be fought along ethical boundaries for man is supposed to be above all lifeforms in this kingdom. Otherwise, there will exist no difference between man and beast.

Consumers Website

Further to my previous post, I just found out that there are now weight loss pill reviews that are accessible to most people. There is actually a website that reviews most brands of known diet pills and for everyone’s perusal. The review contains both positive and negative effects of every diet pill and the most recommended brands or types are actually mentioned. The internet has once again proven to be a good tool for communication.

A World of Overweight Inhabitants

Chinese Premiere Deng Xiapeng once said that in his country, no one has ever died from hunger but a great deal succumbs to diseases attributed to overeating . Weird but such is true in most places in this planet. A lot of people overeat and a bigger number are not aware of the importance of balanced diet. I don’t know if it is time to fully market diet pill but I am sure that doctors are aware of the latest developments along this area. For as long as the doctor says taking diet pills are fine, consumers can probably try it.


Insist on Genuine

Talking about fakes be careful when you buy your Harley parts or any motorcycle gadget. A fake will not only make the engine run below maximum performance but it will also endanger the lives and limbs of people who drives the motorcycles. We all know how severe motorcycle injuries can be. It is therefore imperative that owners of these two wheeled vehicles avoid going cheap in maintenance.

Watch out for Fakes

I remember the time when representatives of an American faucet company went to a trade show in China and found several local companies selling imitations of their latest models. They went to the organizers and complained and the offending companies were asked to pullout the fakes. These problems has long plagued China but the latest regarding toxic substances gives the country a bigger headache. Melamine is such a messy issue now and it seems determined to stay at the newspaper front pages for a long time.

Healthcare Amidst Crisis

I believe that apart from proper medication, the best acne treatment system is rest. A stressful lifestyle adds to the breakouts in the skin and a good remedy is a good rest routine. With the bailout package finally approved, several thousand employees will finally be able to relax a bit. However, getting back to work at full steam might again prove to be too stressful. People better be taught how to handle a lot of work or the healthcare businesses might just be the next to get into trouble.

Christmas Woes

Gotta take time and have the technician expand my computer memory. All these programs that simultaneously run on my pc have reduced its performance noticeably below the maximum. Back to regular programming, it is good that the US government has finally approved the bailout plan but is so bad that Lehman was unable to take a slice out of it. The future of at least 10,000 employees is still uncertain and with the holidays approaching, that doesn’t seem to fit into several families ideal scenario.

Pressures of Work

Working very hard can make people eat too much or very little. Both are not good and for those who are gaining excess weight, doctor prescribed diet pills will probably work. Personally, I prefer exercise and proper diet over medication but for those who can’t, some help from science might do the trick. Always remember, “Everything in moderation” and “Always consult a doctor”.