Who says that the economy is down? Looking at the movement of Ferrari parts as well as brand new cars, it seems that the economy is moving as briskly as ever. Of course, it is true that every crisis presents an equal number of opportunities. Perhaps, those buying expensive vehicles are the ones who made a killing while those who whine are the ones who lost and got left behind.


Job Hunt!

The Lehman, AIG and other recent fiascos have left a lot of people demoralized and a few out of jobs. Of course, looking for companies to apply for nowadays is easier compared to a few years ago. One can find jobs in Atlanta and other places through online job sites but of course, actually landing a good fit still takes a lot of effort and in my opinion, good timing.


Recommending A Closer Look

In regard to the current conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan, I recommend new prescription eyeglasses to the politicians, radio commentators and everybody else who wants to dabble in it. The situation on the ground is vastly different from what the papers tell us simply because not every inch of the ground is covered and the emotions and tension in the area cannot be felt by those comfortably typing and talking from several thousand miles away.


Some giants are literally roasting in the fire pits today. There are those that went on a buying spree and amassed a lot of subprime assets and now, they are left with thousands of acres of inventory and hardly a buyer in sight. These should not be a problem in the long run but pressure from creditors and investors that are blown out of proportion by the zealous media and general public are making things a lot worse.