Halloween On Election Year

With 2008 being an election year, I wonder who among the candidates will be wearing a Halloween costume and who will be distraught enough not to require one. The look of sadness and stress brought upon by the rigors of campaigning should be enough to make the losing candidate look horrible while the prospect of victory should more than suffice for the others to buy the most expensive outfits. Let us see!


Darn Economy!

Watching the “Poseidon” on cable television reminds me of the “Titanic” and my longing for luxury vacations. It has been so long since the last time and I only have the bad economy to blame for it. With so much movement in the key prices, one cannot help but feel paranoid. The food crisis, coupled with the crude oil spikes and global political turmoil is driving the prices of commodities upwards and the strain on one’s capacity to spend is becoming really heavy. Ahh, fix that problem with Georgia and settle the problem with Iran, as well. That will surely fix the price levels.

The Consumer Advocate

Having a car registration renewed means that one will have to spend on insurance renewals. We all are so busy that a good tip that I can share for today is try getting an online auto insurance quote. For several years now, we have been faithfully paying the amount being billed to us not knowing that there are possibly others who can possibly offer better rates and render services that are more satisfactory. Sans the time to shop for quotes, doing it online is a very good idea.


Better Television = Increase in Obesity

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was truly magnificent and as expected, the fireworks was superb. With most of the people having to contend with watching from television sets, it’s good that technology had made viewing much more enjoyable. New TV sets like the Sony Vaio performs so well that many people now spend more time in front of the television. Wait a minute! Isn’t this contributing to the increase in the number of obese people?