Making Them Look Honest

This year’s presidential elections in the good old U S of A will probably be a showcase for the top make up artists in the country. Making politicians look honest is always a challenge. And not to mention the need to cover the ugly acne and acne scars due to the hectic lifestyle of the campaigning leaders, the best beauticians will be at their best this year.

US Election Issues

Oil is probably going to be the touchy issue in this year’s presidential elections. With crude oil prices rising beyond $150/barrel, going down but always threatening to go up for the next couple of years, it is expected that tons of papers and office supplies will be bought and used for the purpose of distributing discourses on the oil issue. I will not be surprised nor disappointed with this. With the fate of the world hanging on mid east crude, it will be best for healthy discussions aimed at resolving this issue to the benefit of the world’s oil consuming population continue.


ECONOMICS OF GREED: Help Make Oil Scarce, Make More Money

The 3 M's. That's what it's called. Make More Money. Never mind that chaos will probably be the end result. Never mind that the world may end up like a scene in Mad Max the movie.

AP IMPACT: Big Oil profits steered to investors

HOUSTON - As giant oil companies like Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips get set to report what will probably be another round of eye-popping quarterly profits, just where is all that money going?

The companies insist they're trying to find new oil that might help bring down gas prices, but the money they spend on exploration is nothing compared with what they spend on stock buybacks and dividends.

It's good news for shareholders, including mutual funds and retirement plans for millions of Americans, but no help to drivers already making drastic cutbacks to offset the high cost of fuel.

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Troop Pullout in Iraq

The Iraq situation is breaking my heart. Troops are going to be limited and pulled out even as its own armed forces are yet to be ready. Should that happen, I see a repeat of the Iran situation where the religious fanatics have taken control. In the end, Iraq will be in a worse situation compared to the days of Saddam. At least during Saddams reign, people still had access to the Alli diet pill.


Betancourt's Rescue Video (Here)

This is the video footage of Ingrid Betancourt's rescue from the FARC guerillas.

Betancourt's Vacation

Having suffered for years under the FARC prisons, Betancourt should be given a good holiday. Why not send her on a holiday in Amanpulo or Palawan? Those jungle scenes should be replaced with a good view of beaches or perhaps an urban metropolitan holiday. Why not some Vegas vacations to give here the luxury life of a queen? Who knows, she might like it! Ahh, just give her a well deserved vacation!

Betancourt's Rescue Video

I am currently trying to load a Washington Post video of the rescue of Ingrid Betancourt and a few other highly prized FARC prisoners. I do not know if the problem is in my old laptop or my internet connection. I have been trying to load it for some time but until now, I am yet to view that amazing video. Gotta try other news networks.

Home Grown Terrorists

While looking sitting at a display of weight benches, I watched a report about foreign terrorist suspects rounded up in various checkpoints and raids that turned out to be interesting personalities in the United States. One has multiple arrest warrants to include one for assault with a deadly weapon and several others proved to have lived in the United States for quite some time. It seems that the enemy is not backward after all. They know the US and are therefore far more dangerous than previously suspected.

Follow Your Doc

Was watching an interview with a popular actress who had Lasik surgery together with her dad. Everything was successful except for her athletic dad who was very eager to get back to his regular routine even before the end of his prescribed rest period. Strenuous activities made his blood vessels burst and he is now suffering from some eye damage. This is a word of caution to patients. Follow your doctors advice. They are not doctors for nothing.



The release of Ingrid Betancourt from her FARC captors in Colombia is very heartwarming indeed. While her captors may indeed be guerillas fighting a legitimate struggle, the conditions by which she was subjected to is way below the standards of civilized people. Any guerilla fighting for just cause should never fall into the trap of subjecting anybody to subhuman conditions for when they win, the natural course for them is to become the monster that they replaced. For Ingrid Betrancourt, please accept our best wishes to you. If only we can send you our favorite home theater carpet that we have here, it would have been perfect.. :D