What's Up with Some People?

I don’t know what got into some female politicians in the world today. Some may have progesterone overload that they just wouldn’t give up despite overwhelming odds and seemingly lost causes. Why progesterone? Well, such chemical helps women get pregnant and perhaps, an overload of it makes them too stubborn, like a mom defending her child. There are at least a couple of lady senators in different senates and at least one incumbent leader who are like that. Perhaps, they need some downers to take them back to the ground.


Que barbaridad, Mi Angelina!

Angelina Jolie talks about her closet..


Offshoring to China

With so many shower faucets being made in factories in China, it is not so difficult to find cheap but very elegant looking China made bathroom fixtures that looks much better than the popular brands. China has become the factory of the world and in a way, it has been good. Access to good products are now wider than before due to lower prices but on the hand, cheap but inferior fakes have also saturated the market. Oh well!

A Doc's Advice: Sleep on silk!

A cosmetic surgeon was asked if sleeping on the stomach also cause wrinkles. The answer is yes for the face is not really that flat on the pillow and sleeping with the head’s weight on it causes the skin to crumple or gets wrinkled. The advice is to therefore use a silk bedding in order to minimize the “crumpling” effect on the skin. Silk is smooth and it prevents the face from getting wrinkled.


Another Hero Passes on

A lady who, from childhood til the end of her days, distinguishes people only by "Good and bad", and never by their religion, color or nationality, rescued 2,500 children from certain death during the Nazi holocaust.

Her name is Irena Sendler. What she did during one of the world's darkest hours defines her for what she really is. One fine sample of what a human being should be. Granted numerous awards, she wrote,
"Every child saved with my help and the help of all the wonderful secret messengers, who today are no longer living, is the justification of my existence on this earth, and not a title to glory,"
Do we still have enough people like her amongst us? This present world, seriously in need of heroes, pose this question.

Exciting Primary

This years’ democratic nominations is the most exciting ever pour moi’. Having a woman aggressively campaign and even start as the strongest candidate was enough to make things exciting enough. Having a strong black contender made things a lot better. I was forced to follow the trend and keep my appliances in sync even learning how to install an HDMI wall plate so as not to waste precious time waiting for the technician. That’s how good it was. Well, it’s almost over now. Let’s see what the convention will bring us.


The Campaign Heats Up!

luggage packed and ready to go (for the Whitehouse). I wonder if that is what Hillary was up to last week, until Obama gained back his momentum. Obama was able to make some corrective measures like throwing out his weirdo of a pastor. Ok, I may be insane, But still, I don’t like the old man’s train of thought. Hillary on the other hand lost a super delegate who is now calling all democrats to rally behind Barrack. Hmmnn… The plot thickens!