Various World Updates

Whatever happens to the US economy will most likely have a corresponding effect to the rest of the world. This is largely due to the size of its economy that has partnerships even with its enemies, like Venezuela for instance, which supplies lots of oil to the US. Should the US economy go down, it's suppliers and clients can also expect a corresponding effect on the behavior of its exports and import performance. It is therefore an interest to most people, who the next US President will be. For now, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama seems to be even on the Democrat's side. Senator John McCain of Arizona, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee seems to be in a tight race on the Republican's side.

On other parts of the world, leaders seem to be quick in condemning the violence in Darfur but a bit slow when it comes to actually doing something about it. At this point, there are only 9,000 poorly trained UN soldiers on the ground which is very low compared to the estimated 26,000 troops, as originally conceived. In Chad, rebel soldiers are marching the capital and analysts believe that even if they win, the country will probably not be better off, based on their intentions.

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