Greening the earth the way it was before

In a competitive market, Economics have a way of teaching man to live properly. With the realization that clean air has started to become a scare commodity, the market became increasingly filled with green products. What used to be regarded as nothing more than some weird people’s paranoia or publicity stunt have become necessary purchases. Among the companies leading the call is, a firm specializing in eco friendly products. In addition, it has a green learning center with Class A information from sources like the EPA, the US Dept. of Energy and valuable materials taken by its own research facilities.

Other than that, they also live by example by making sure that their offices are 100% environmentally compliant. This means that they do not use plastic materials, recycle efficiently and support environmental charities, among other things.

However, what worries me is the fact that a perfectly competitive market where information freely flows is far from being attained. Therefore, the possibility that man realizes the extent of his excesses when it had already become too late, is not very farfetched.

Before that happens, I humbly suggest that aside from Das Kapital and the Wealth of nations, we should include the bible in our daily readings.

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