When our automobile fails to start, we try to jump start it, by plugging the weak battery to a good one, with the use of jumper cables. The same is quite true for the US economy. The battery that provides power to it is perceived to be weak so the government is thinking of measures to jump start it to make the engine run.

For starts, President Bush wants to give tax rebates to low income households so they can use it to alleviate their lives. In so doing, the recipients of the rebates will use the money to pay for commodities and that will make the manufacturers, suppliers and the rest of the economy active. because of a multiplier effect, the rest of the economy is expected to positively react. The video provided will give us a better picture of the bigger plans.

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

For as long as the US is in denial, the Recession will not be saved by an insignificant palliative such as a stimulus package which will be delivered in early June. Their deficit will balloon to $350 billion this year, including the outlay for the Iraq war and Afghanistan war. With an expected growth rate of only 1.6% for 2008, they're headed for very bad weather. It will be the Katrina for the entire US, unless they really change their lifestyles, tighten belts, stop wars, stop spending and start saving. --Durano, done!