As a young boy, I had a fascination for Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles. 4WD's look very macho and there's nothing like being in a big car. However, as I started to accumulate driving hours, I realized that fast cars brings me to my destination faster. But as I grew older, I realized that sedans and big cars have their own separate purposes and cannot really be compared to one another. Sedans bring me to my office faster but SUV's can fit lots of cargo and are generally better for road collisions. As an old man once said,
"When you collide with a car while in an SUV, you land on top of the heap"
-- well said.

In purchasing SUV's, will you go for a 4WD or a simple 2WD? In terms of price, 2WD's are cheaper and performance wise, a 4WD may not necessarily outperform the other.

If you drive in rough terrains, a 4WD will definitely be much better.

But if you are a like me, who spends most of his driving hours shuttling from house to the office, a 2WD is probably a more practical buy.

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