Since it is prominently located right in front of your home or office, a mailbox should not only be functional but it should also aesthetically match your house's appearance. Otherwise, it will become prominently ugly and will be remembered whenever people think of your house (or office).

In searching for quality residential mailboxes, it would be good to have a photo of your residence within reach for easier matching. Search for the mailboxes that you like and match it with the picture of your residence. That should give you an idea of the right item to buy. In the numerous construction projects that I have worked on, I made extensive use of the Internet in searching for the suitable architectural hardware. It saved me a lot of time and made presentation to the clients a lot easier.

In evaluating various commercial mailboxes, try not to be too fancy in the design. After all, the entire building is supposed to be very business like and fussy architectural fittings create an impression of excessive extravagance. That might give visiting clients the idea that the company's services are way overpriced.

In buying mailboxes, dont choose the first mailbox that you find. Consider the building where it will be used and the people who will be in it before making any decision.

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