I didn't want to write about this anymore but it seems that some people wouldn't stop until they have cleansed their countries history by erasing their past wrongdoings.
" A group of Japanese lawmakers and conservatives on Friday protested US congressional demands for a clear apology over wartime sexual slavery, saying the women were not slaves but just making money.

The group, which included 13 national lawmakers and more than 200 local politicians, intellectuals and journalists, gave the US embassy a protest letter saying they were "surprised and shocked" by the US pressure for a fresh apology to so-called "comfort women."

They denied sexual slavery ever existed at front-line brothels during World War II, saying the women were generally paid."

Please read the rest of the article here.

In addition to my past opinions, I believe that the best way to stop this historical revisionists will be to flood them with overwhelming evidences. Before they poison the minds of the young, every Japanese bulletin board should be posted with notes reminding them of what really happened.

Let me start with some web finds. Post your additions in the comment section and/or paste it in your own blogs, as well.

Comfort women - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Comfort women (Japanese: ???, ianfu?) or military comfort women (Japanese:
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A North Carolina student's article on comfort women and case study of one Korean
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This web site is maintained by the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues,
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Comfort Women Links
The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Sexual Slavery by Japan. This is
the primary source for the most up to date information on the Comfort Women ...
Japan: Still Waiting After 60 years: Justice for Survivors of ...
There is overwhelming evidence that the "comfort women" system violated international
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The Comfort Women-A History of Trauma
Gives historical perspective, origins, facts about exploitation, voices of comfort
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Choy said...

Do they really think that they can erase that part of world history?

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking...

Anonymous said...

You got to hand it over to the Japs. They just wouldn't quit.