When the NAIA 3 Terminal project scandal exploded. My initial feelings were nothing but pity for Frapport AG. They were given a contract by the Philippine government and invested a lot of money into the country. Like Tutubi, I felt that the Philippine government's move to have the contract invalidated for constitutional reasons came very late and was tantamount to changing the rules in the middle of the game. The problem was, Frapport had already poured the money into the country and there was no way that they can take it back.

However, the revelation that there was a grand conspiracy to defraud the Filipinos by knowingly engaging in acts that violates Philippine laws made me change what I felt. If the documents brought into the country by a Frapport stockholder will indeed show that the Frapport officials knowingly approved illegal measures, an official summon should be sent to the people involved and if there is sufficient evidence, the principal characters should be prosecuted. I am not invoking an angry/mob like justice for the accused. The hearings and prosecution should be handled delicately like the war crimes hearing at the Hague. That is the only way that the Philippine government can smoothly can get away with this.

Without any criminal prosecution, the Philippine government will look like a shrewed double talking business enterprise.


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