This reminds me of a similar incident that happened in Australia.

Relatives are suing the Department of Homeland Security and the Los Angeles County sheriffs office for an alleged illegal deportation of a mentally disabled American citizen - Pedro Guzman. The claim that Guzman is an American citizen is being supported by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California who claims that they have a copy of Guzman's birth certificate that shows he was born at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.

In the Australian incident, a Philippine born Aussie got involved in a vehicular accident and suffered from amnesia and severe physical injuries. No identification was found in the crash site and she was unable to provide any usable information to the authorities. Still suffering from the effects of the accident, she was deported to the Philippines, where she was confined to hospitals and eventually, to a charitable institution. Not remembering who she was, the hospital had nobody to call and inform about her case.

It turned out that she had a husband and kids in Australia. After a long search, the woman was located and eventually returned to her family (in Australia). The case became the subject of several headlines and became a national issue.

Back to the case of the deported 29 year old "American", the authorities claim that they are helping in the search but they are "Not obliged" to do so. My advice? Do your best to find Guzman if indeed, he was wrongly deported. Don't let this case reach scandal proportions, like what happened in Australia.

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