Get paid to blog!

The latest upgrade of PayPerPost launched PayPerPost Direct wherein advertisers can directly contact their blogger of choice and negotiate an ad placement. PayPerPost Direct, provides the secure negotiations and payment platform assuring the integrity of the transaction.

The beauty of this feature is that PayPerPost charges a mere 10% fee, half of which is used to pay Paypal transaction fees and credit card processing expenses. Going around the world wide web, you will get to encounter some of PayPerPosts competitors and realize that they get to keep as much as 50% of your fees. What they normally do is set a high price for your posts by adding a markup of as much as 100%. When an advertiser gets reviewed by a blogger, the other sites will get their sky high markup and pay you the balance.

With PayPerPost Direct, you get paid to blog, the possible number of advertising opportunities in your blog increases and not advertisers get to save in advertising fees!

This is one of the best deals, by far! Get paid to blog. Join PayPerPost Direct!

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