Having analyzed a number of websites that offers paid writing assignments, let me write about one that I like. Payperpost has a good program that allows advertisers to reach their intended audiences by putting ads on blogs and enable publishers (bloggers) to earn whenever they post advertisers’ reviews.

I have just joined but I can honestly declare Payperpost to be a program that bloggers will want to participate in. At Payperpost, they get to choose within a list of topics, write about it and most importantly, get paid. The beauty of the system is the fact that bloggers’ reviews give the sponsors exposure which is practically the same as putting ads on blogs.

Most of the writing assignments that I have seen in the member’s area were reviews of several companies, websites and various products and services. The amount by which bloggers are paid depends on the type of writing assignments that they choose to avail. Prices are attached to every writing opportunity posted in the Payperpost website and bloggers get to choose from a list of available opportunities.

Would you believe it? Payperpost is even paying me to write this- my first post! Well, in my estimate, my upcoming Payperpost income should be more than enough to pay for my bandwidth fees and help support my community projects.

The most basic advice in monetizing sites is to put ads on blogs. Payperpost is one of the best there is in the blogosphere.

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