It is quite heartbreaking to realize and accept that we ourselves, a dear friend or a family member have addiction problems. And not only that, there are a lot of instances when we also learn about people we know who relapse and go back to their old habits.

Where to find a good rehabilitation facility is therefore a something that most of us should know about. 1800nodrugs is a non-profit rehab referral service. People call the number (1-800-No-Drugs) toll free to find treatment for themselves or a loved one. They also have a website 1800nodrugs has an international network of drug rehabilitation centers for:

- All types of alcoholism
- Drug addiction
- Substance abuse
- Dual diagnosis
- Chronic relapse

Addiction is something that most of us do not specializate in. Therefore, sending the patient to the first rehabilitation facility that we get to hear about is not a very wise decision. For referrals to reputable facilities, call 1-800-No-Drugs .


Anonymous said...

Drug is not good for our health.methyl alcohol is go through our liver it will be affected so please avoid drugs.I want to share my comments with you.


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lucy said...

Drug rehab says that drug addiction is not good for your health and there are some people who are to their old happy by visiting this site