Was raring to post when a Blogger notice informed me that their spiders tagged this site as a possible spam. As a consequence, my posting was temporarily barred until blogger has made an actual verification. I checked further and among the possible reasons cited for the "Tagging" was the large number of links inside this blog.

Well, this is not a personal blog that talks about my regular routine. This site is some kind of a commentary and trying to practice a bit of responsible journalism, I cited (link) my sources. Anyway, this site has been given a clearance and I hope that the "Human" who did the review liked what he read and will convert into a regular reader. Hahaha!

This is the full text of Blogger's email:

Your blog has been reviewed, verified, and cleared for regular use so that it will no longer appear as potential spam. If you sign out of Blogger and sign back in again, you should be able to post as normal. Thanks for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

The Blogger Team"
I hope not to have lost any reader because of the fiasco...

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