Para que, Abe?

"Unless an acknowledgement of the war crimes become permanent, Japan should never be allowed to build its military, as a preventive measure. Its troops in Iraq should immediately be sent home, joint military exchanges/programs with other countries should be cancelled and their involvement with the UN in military programs should be permanently banned. Martial knowledge and enhancement through foreign experiences and technology transfers should be stopped. The unrepentant villains of World War II should not be given the chance to re-arm and strengthen. For once again, it might use it's sword, as a tool for military conquests and oppression. Abe, never again. No mas. NUNCA! "
Newsweek's International Periscope discussed Japan's determined lobby to purchase F-22 Raptors, the most advanced and lethal fighter plane today. In addition, the same column mentioned that the country has previously acquired AWACS, a powerful surveillance/radar aircraft. Other than that it also bought tankers that can refuel the AWACS, enabling it to continuously operate for extended or even indefinite periods.

This column recognizes the threats against Japan that needs to be addressed. After all, every country has the right to defend itself. However, in light of recent events, the permission to sell advanced weaponry to Japan should not be given with haste.

What is obvious to a lot of people is a pattern of Japan's aggressive stance which can also be seen as military posturing.
  1. A search of the blogosphere and news archives will reveal that Japan's population, especially the youth doesn't know the full extent of the country's World War II responsibility. For a few years now, news about Japan's attempt to revise its war role in the country's history books has made a occasional surfaces. Just recently, the Japan's PM Abe and the parliament, has made a serious and brazen attempt to revise history by denying the existence of "Comfort Women".
  2. Japan's military has been actively seeking foreign experience and war technology. It has a sizeable force in Iraq and for sure, a lot of its military officers are elsewhere, seeking advanced training.
  3. And now, the raptors (right after the formidable AWACS and tankers).
This column agrees with Luigi (please read here), when he advocated a strong condemnation of Japan's recent posturing together with corresponding sanctions. Those who are unrepentant and in denial of their grave faults committed only 62 years ago, should remained leashed.

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tutubi said...

japanese history books simply gloss over the fact of the japanese cruelty and barbarity during the war

much to consternation of koreans and chinese who suffered the most

different here in pinas due to oblivious and history-challenged filipinos :(

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