This is not a serious article. Mea Culpa.

It's a sad day for press freedom in Venezuela as students protested the Chavez government's refusal to renew the permit of the country's oldest TV station.

Despite being rich, Britney confessed to being sad.

Despite bad economic situations, Filipinos' are constantly on top of the "Happiness Index". However, it is not surprising to find out that its businessmen are also topnotchers in the global list of stressed out businessmen.

On 2005, 75% of the country's total businessmen reported being terribly stressed. This dropped to 64% on 2006 but it is still way above the global average of 56%.

"Despite the huge drop in stressed-out executives, the Philippines is still way above the global average of 56 percent. Among the countries surveyed were Sweden with only 27 percent, Ireland (35 percent), the UK (37), the Netherlands (37), France (37), Canada (39), Poland (40), Spain (41), Australia (41) and the US (43).

The countries with the highest tensed businessmen last year were China (84), Taiwan (82), India (79), Russia (76), Botswana (70), Singapore (69), Hong Kong (67), Malaysia (64), the Philippines (64) and South Africa (64)."


SexyMom said...

contrasts, indeed.

i have noted the philippines high ranking in happiness index, while at the same time topnotchers in the global list of stressed out people.

i saw Bhutan's ranking is higher than the Philippines by a few notches. i have been there several times, and i found their people filled with simplicity and inner peace. they do not gauge their economy using GNP, they use Gross National Happiness. there seems to be no stress among its people, though life tends to be slooooow.

BPO-Asia said...

All the hard work only to realize that money is not the solution to our quest for happiness!

Antonio Andolini said...

Thanks for the comment, SexyMom!

Ahhh.. If only all of us can look at things the way Bhutan's do, this will be a much much better world.