Tax friendly States

Where to locate the company's offices & facilities should always be a part of every start up businessman's checklist. There are cities that offer tax holidays and incentives for certain industries and being able to identify and take advantage of such a program can spell the difference between a firm's highway to profitability or road to bankruptcy. Of course, there are a lot of other items to be considered (such as salary rates and cost of living) but for now, this short essay will dwell on taxes.

As explained by a number of American exporting companies that I deal with, their products which used to bear the proudly "Made in the USA" logo now says "Made in Mexico" for tax purposes, among other reasons.

In the same vein, every citizen should also consider a similar checklist in order to make life a lot easier. For the ordinary employee or small entrepreneur, taxes may also spell the difference between poverty and sustainability. In today's issue, posts a list of tax friendly states in the US.

Time to start looking for a similar list in your country.

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