Power Relationships III: Sub Judice

The past two (1 & 2) posts were all about a ranking European Commission officer who also taught at an exclusive school in Manila. He was accussed of sexual harassment for allegedly offering to give a a grade of "A" to a "Straight-A student" provided that she has sex with him. The offer allegedly came when the student met with the professor to complain about the failing grade that she got from his class.

The student filed a complaint in the school board and later on, at the local court but the subject of the petition refused to answer the cases by claiming "Diplomatic Immunity". He has even left the country.

Though I was very much tempted to post strong comments, I will keep my peace for the reason of "Sub Judice". The case is now in court.

Just a question, can a diplomat commit a crime not further to the functions of his office, and still be protected by diplomatic immunity?

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categorically imperative said...

Gives new meaning to the term "blueballs."