A good year for Philippine Funds!

From the Philippines: First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund has a year to date earnings of 66.31%. It means that if you invested $1M at the start of 2006, your money has grown to $1.6631M on this day.---- WOW!!!!!!

Other top performers include Philequity Fund, ATR- Kim Eng Equity Opportunity Fund, GSIS Kinabukasan Fund, Philam, Sunlife, etc. This Mutual Funds made more than 30% each this year. For the complete list, please refer to this link .

To all those who made a killing this year, please use those earnings wisely. May I remind you that helping the less fortunate, especially during this time of diversity, is a form of wise spending.

To all those who suddenly became interested in investing, may I remind you that "Today's sweetheart may not necessarily be tomorrow's darling". For a refresher or introductory course on Philippine Mutual Funds, please check Mutual Funds 101.

Merry merry christmas!

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