NOKOR NUKE TEST: Economic Repercussions 2

Will the US or another country, invade North Korea?

They will probably not..

In a similar incident, a few years ago, Bush declared (to Nokor) that they are capable of winning wars in two different fronts.

However, if they do, and are able to conquer NOKOR, the country will be theirs, including its starving population, possible insurgency, etc..

One only needs to look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

"To the victor goes, the spoils of war!"


categorically imperative said...

Exactly, and Bush will rally to have Nokor up on its feet again, by commissioning big firms to "invest" (read: exploit) Nokor's natural resources, and have ADB and WB grant them huge loans for infrastrcutures which Nokor will probably never be able to repay, and for which these banks will require American engineering firms as contractor for these projects. Milk Nokor for all its worth.

Antonio Andolini said...

Nice viewpoint. However, I'm not so sure if Nokor is ready to permit the entry of that many americans. Its leaders has kept a tight lid on the borders for so long and they are probably not about to start letting the "American Devils" come in. These people would rather accept that much aid from its traditional allies, China and Russia.

vittorio said...

CAT's opinion will lead us towards Iraq and Afghanistan... Are the american firms making that much money in those countries already? Hmmnn...

Gotta review my figures...